Heat Pump in Vik

Although clean water from geothermal wells accounts for approximately 90% of our house heating demand, the remaining 10% rely on electricity although it´s a lot more expensive.

Vík in Myrdalur, South-Iceland.

One of the communities where geothermal water is hard to find. The picturesque village of Vik, located at the southern coast of Iceland.

Together with a team of companies and individuals we have recently built and installed a variable capacity heat pump for the school & swimming pool buildings in Vik, resulting in approximately 75% energy savings.

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User name: Alvarr
Password: Skoli.vik

Team members involved in the project:

Our contribution: Project appraisal, drilling & well testing. Heat Pump design and installation.
Sölvi Traustason: Heat Pump chassis, accumulator tank & other stainless steel structures.
www.kaeling.is Heat Pump assembly.
www.samey.is Electrical items, PLC & communication.
www.vsb.is “In house” heating system design and project management.
Heat Pump in Vik